BarbGail IV

 Our Fluke fishing season:                                  5 fish at 18"  5/21- 9/25

 Our Sea Bass season:

 10 fish at 12.5"  5/23-6/19

   2 fish at 12.5"  7/1-8/31

 15 fish at 13"   10/22-12/31

Fluke and Sea bass Combo trips are great during lower limit periods to ensure the best possible fish amounts of being caught.

BarbGail IV crew will provide excellent service for our guest in return we ask for you to please let your friends know about us. We kindly ask that if your trip was satisfactory to tip the mate a customary fee of minimum 20% of trip total as it is how they make a living. If for any reason his or her work was unworthy of such a tip please let the Capt. know as we will take care of such an issue promptly.

​                                               Thankyou Capt. Chris Dos Santos and Crew

                                      Any Questions or concerns call or text 732-281-4439

"There's nothing like watching someone catch a fish ,especially children for they are the future of our fishery." Capt. Chris Dos Santos Jr.

Fluke (Summer Flounder) > Early spring after a long journey fluke gather along the inshore areas of the Jersey Shore hungry.Gathering close to the inlet and beaches early in the season and in the deeper water as the season progresses fluke are available all summer in close range from Manasquqn Inlet, N.J. We drift bait and jig Buck tails for fluke but in the last few years we have fished sticky structures(wrecks and rocks) which in large produced bigger quality fish giving the opportunity to catch some customers the biggest fluke they have ever seen.
Blackfish (Tautog) > Captains Favorite and one of the hardest fish to catch along the Jersey Shore. They eat and bite diffrent from hour to hour and day to day. There is a spring run and a winter fishery in NJ. It gets you frustrated but by far the most addictive fish there is , they live in rocks and wrecks. It takes expert anchoring too put you not only on a piece but certain spots on that piece. (close does not cut it)

Striper Fishing >  Jumbo Striped Bass have been in great numbers in both  the spring and fall runs. 

Manasquan Inlet ,NJ and surrounding waters off the N.J. coast offers one the the best runs of Trophy Stripers on the East Coast. Live-Lining Bunker in May and June has produced countless trophy Striper in the 30-40+ Lbs with a some even breaking the 50lb class.  Jigging bass thru the early fall and into early winter also produces jumbos.

Sea Bass > If you are looking for a lot of action and great eating dinner then bottom fishing from Manasquan Inlet,NJ is for you Many wrecks,rocks and artificial reefs are in close range from Manasquan Inlet, N.J. This makes Seabass and bottom fishing one of the most popular inshore trips we do. Seabass and bottom fishing is great for introducing kids or new people to ocean fishing. Action,Action and more action keeps people busy whether it is their first time or they go often.Great for our afternoon weekday after work trips.
Bluefish > Pound for pound are the hardest fighting fish we have to offer in our inshore waters. Early in the spring and summer as well as late in the fall bluefish can be caught. Chumming and jigging are common methods of catching them. Due to all the bait that has been inshore  bluefish. Jigging has been the dominant way to fish in the last couple years.
False albacore and bonito >Light tackle and light line. This is a great way to feel alot of powerful fish. False Albacore and Bonito have been  gathering on the inshore lumps during the late summer and early fall this fishing includes Casting small lures and floating small baits(spearing or smelt).

Shark Fishing > In the past years we have did very well,this is the kind of fishing that takes patients. Fish generally take a litttle while to get into our chum/blood mix but once they do its on.

OffshoreTuna Fishing > Offshore Big Eye,Yellowfin, Bluefin and longfin tuna are caught  in spring toward our southern canyon and travel to northern canyons as the season progressies thru late fall. Canyon fishing can produce not only tuna but Wahoo,Marlin(blue and white),Swordfish,Sailfish,Mahi-Mahi,Tilefish and more...

Inshore Tuna Fishing > Inshore Bluefin,Yellowfin,False albacore,Skip Jacks and little tunny can be found on our inshore trips.

Cod and or Pollack Trips> Either leaving midnight or early morning these trips have been a favorite of most fisherman in NJ for many years. Times depend on where fish are located at the time of trip booked. Early spring trips have produced good numbers of cod and as the year goes on deeper spots have produced giant pollack as well.

Bottom Fishing Trips> During the summer these trips have been noted as a mix bag trip. It is not uncommon to see 5 plus species of fish. Porgies,Seabass,winter flounder,cod,triggers,ling and more are frequently caught in one trip.

The BarbGail IV is a 44 foot , twin diesel, off shore sport fishing boat sailing from the Dock Behind Shipwreck Grill in Brielle.

720 Ashley Ave Brielle, NJ 08730

Booking 2016 season call or text Capt.Chris 732-281-4439

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Our trips all include- Bait,Ice for catch,sinkers and hooks,filleting and bagging of catch. Bucktails not included

Day Trips also include - Breakfast,lunch,drink and a snack. 

Afternoon Trips include-Sandwich,drink and a snack.