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About The BarbGail IV in Brielle, New Jersey

These New Jersey-built sport-fishing boats have been quality built by the Henriques Family for over 38 years. Henriques is a financially solid company, unencumbered by debt , offering a rock solid boat at an attractive price. Their time-proven hand-laid fiberglass hulls have been the company's signature feature for over 38 years. Henriques boats are widely used by some of the greatest Captains of all time. Henriques stresses quality of construction both in materials and in workmanship. Many of these boats are in Charter or Commercial service, so they must be built tough to withstand the rigors of daily service and the safety of each passenger. The uniquely strong construction includes sturdy hull designs with solid fiberglass bottoms, hand-laid fiberglass construction, one-piece deck molds, a hull fiberglassed to the deck, continuous bulkhead tabbing, watertight compartments, and full-length, bow to stern stringers. These boats are highly fishable with large cockpits, big fish-boxes, rod storage, tackle centers, transom doors, and a rugged sea-going ride. Our vessel is powered by twin diesels and 550 horse power per side. Needless to say, she is fast. You'll be able to get you to the grounds with enough time to enjoy your day of fishing and you're sure to catch whatever fish that you are after on that days mission.

The Captains Story

My name is Captain Chris Dos Santos Jr. born in LongBranch, NJ. I grew up in Keansburg. When i was just about 4 months old I got my first taste for my lifelong love for the salt air on the ocean. My Grandfather owned the Capt. Louie in Highlands, NJ. I spent most of my time in a playpen behind the galley. Growing up in Keansburg, I worked many jobs at once but one in particular was scraping the top of railing on the Keansburg boardwalk pier after it closed. The pier was closed at night so me and some friends caught a lot of stripers at night all by our selves for years. Years went on and at the age of 9 or 10, while visiting my late father Chris Dos Santos SR (Bubba) from the Big Mohawk III then owned by Capt. Gary Fagan I started on the dock as a dock rat. Dock rats scrubbed buckets and any other thing asked from the crew and they gave us some cash for helping.This was like an initiation of sorts! For the next few years, I listened and took in as much knowledge as I could about who caught what and why. Captain Gary Fagan, a few years later let me start working night blues and then few more it was day bottom fishing(Tautog always my favorite), Cod and Pollock trips which where amazing and tuna trips. I also got to meet and learn from some well known greats such as Captain Mickey Vassallo and John DeRose. While working with Capt. Gary Fagan, I met Capt. Ken Namowitz which was a Capt. for Gary and had just gotten his own boat the (SkyLarker). Capt. Ken asked me to work on his boat when I could and I loved the excitement of fishing for everything and anything the Jersey Shore had to offer. Most of the kids I grew up on boats with did a few kinds of fishing but did not have the unique opportunity I had. Capt. Gary Fagan was selling the Big Mohawk III to Capt. Chris who owns it today, Capt. Ken Namowitz had just purchased the Mimi VI in Point Pleasant, NJ and asked me if I would join him on his new vessel. I have now worked on the Mimi VI for twenty plus years (working with Capt. Ken for thirty years) and am so grateful for the things that I have learned. Capt.Ken and I spent more time on the ocean together than we did with our own families as does anyone working on a boat their whole life. Due to my shoulders being bad and many surgeries, I can no longer work on deck. I have been running the Mimi VI for Capt. Ken after he seriously injured his back he has finally gotten surgery and is recovering great. I have been given the opportunity to purchase the www.BarbGailIV.com after speaking with Capt. Ken, I have decided to go forward with the purchase. Capt. Ken will sometimes help me run the BarbGail IV and I will still run the Mimi VI when the opportunity presents itself. Their is saltwater in my veins and I like nothing more than putting people in the position of catching fish whether it is for your first, biggest or best catch ever. Shoot me a Text or call me at 732-281-4439 to get a date and lets go fishing!